16 Sexy Long Layered Hairstyle in 2018

3. Captivated By The Summertime Blonde
It is one of simple long layered hair ideas, yet, it is totally fabulous. How is it possible, you might wonder? Well, in case you don’t know, the best hairstyle is the one that is true to you. So, even the simplest hairstyle will look amazing if it flatters you. And once you understand that, your hairstyles will never turn out less than you expect.

4. A La Natural
It is so amazing how this long layered haircut is styled so that it appears quite natural. You know, if you have long and wavy tresses, you can get such a look without extra effort. All you’ll need is to wash your tresses and let them air dry. But if your tresses are not wavy, you can get this look by applying curl building serum and blow drying your tresses without any brush. Just squeeze the strands with fingers.

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