40 Chic Angled Bob Haircuts

11.Caramel Bob with Side Bangs

This angled bob with bangs makes a case for just how stunning a simple coif can be. A side-swept fringe is always a nice touch, especially if you have straight tresses. The haircut is low maintenance without skimping on style. Just give it a little fluff before you head out the door, and you’re good to go.

12.Jet Black Long Bob

With the angled front falling well below the collarbone, this lob is as sexy as it is sleek. The deep black hue enhances the mystique. You can opt for some highlights or color if you want to brighten up the hairdo, but the noir shade is essential if you want something that radiates polish and confidence.

13.Voluptuous Balayage

Never underestimate the power of loose curls. Their mesmerizing texture transforms a would-be-blah coif into something full of volume and feminine style. A blonde balayage only accentuates its glamour and classic appeal.

14. Wavy Medium-Length Bob With Highlights

Angled bob hairstyles don’t always have to rely on sharp and dramatic cuts to be modern and trendy, as shown in this picture and the other images. Only a little longer in the front than the back, it’s a big enough difference to count. The slanting lines mixed with subtle layers give it volume, while highlights throughout enhance the appearance of depth.

15.Sharp Angled Black and Purple Bob

The jet black base against the vibrant violet highlights creates a punk-inspired ‘do that transcends the trends. The sleek lines and fun colors are a timeless choice for someone trying to show off their edgier side, while still keeping the coif a little playful.

16.Ashen Lilac Angled Bob

Classic cuts like wavy lobs are the perfect canvas for more adventurous colors. They pare back the fun color so that your hairstyle is a little more toned down for the office or class. Try a muted shade, like this subdued lilac, for a hairdo that spotlights your personality while still looking polished.

17.Black Beauty with a Stacked Bob

If you love the idea of a short cut, but can’t bring yourself to chop off all your locks, why not compromise with a long angled bob. Hold onto your length with a longer front, and opt for a stacked back to get that desired ease that goes with short hair.

18.Angled Haircut with Subtle Highlights

Sometimes a solid hue can feel a little flat, but high-contrast streaks might not be your style. If you want to enliven your look in a subtle way, get highlights that are a shade or two lighter than your base. This will give you that extra oomph you’re craving.

19.Blunt Asymmetrical Bob

This blunt, asymmetrical bob is very sassy and it gives any face a fancy appearance. This look is beautiful on square face shapes, because the length extends past the jaw line and elongates the face. Also, the deep side part, tricks the eye into seeing a narrower face shape. The asymmetrical cut is very edgy and chic!

20.Grey and Wavy Tresses

A washed-out grey adds a sexy spin to this angled haircut. The shade looks especially ethereal against paler complexions, although it would still beautifully pop against those with more melanin. Enhance the mystique of the hairdo with a deep side part and let your wavy tresses fall across your face.

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