44 Eye-Catching Chrome Nails Amp Up Your Manicure Game

3) Extra Pointed Green Chrome Nails
Another way to spice up your manicure is to go for unusual chrome nail colors, like this deep blue-grey-green hue. It’s unusual and unique, so it’s worth trying for anyone who needs something new. Plus, they look even more daring filed to a sharp point. It’s the perfect manicure for women who pull no punches and apologize for nothing.

Extra Pointed Green Chrome Nails

4) Subtle Peaches-and-Cream Ombre Chrome
Chrome nails don’t have to be super flashy. Instead, a gentle peaches-and-cream ombre color scheme is an easy chrome design that looks both natural and pretty. Not only are these cute nails achievable for everyone, but they look good on all nails. For those who like to keep their nails short and subtle, this lovely design gives you just enough charm.

Subtle Peaches-and-Cream Ombre Chrome

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