5. Medium Length Hairstyles With Headscarf

Now we can talk about real hair accessories. Bobby pins make you be as creative as possible, but headscarves are about to show how exquisite your taste is. Based on the color of your hair, clothes and other accessories, you can get yourself a wonderful complement to your look. Here is another reason to love your medium hair: you can do a messy bun or low knot and adorn each with a summer-inspired headscarf or stylish band. There is no better way to show that you’re a woman of a good taste than creating a stylish composition on your head! These ideas will be in handy.

6. Ponytails

If you think that ponytails are boring, you are completely wrong. Easy-to-do hairstyles don’t mean plain-looking, girl! Besides, today we are not going to talk about classic high ponytails: something new is about to surprise you. Look at the pics: these ponytails can look good on any hairdos, so you should feel free to opt from short to medium hairstyles for women. If you have medium hair, you can get yourself a cute ponytail updo that features a tiny halo braid, or simply combine a low ponytail with a french braid. Those who want to freshen up their short hair can do a messy high ponytail with wavy locks on the front. See! Ponytails are fun!

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