The 50 Prettiest Nails

Every season, fashion takes on a new theme. It changes from dark or cold color schemes in the winter to pastels and florals in the spring. These patterns and color schemes reflect in not only clothing, or shoes and accessories, but also in nails. Whether it is for a special occasion or just for the week, everyone can appreciate a good mani. While colors and patterns go out of season and change with the times, manicures often maintain a couple of classic shapes no matter the season or fashion trends.

1. Heart Tipped Nails

These heart tipped nails, which some might want to avoid in favor of the last ones, are perfect for the Queen of Hearts within you. Or, if you want to be the Queen of Hearts for Halloween, of course.

2. Dusty Rose Nails

Perhaps the most classic nail color of all, this dusty rose is perfect for a business casual outfit, or anytime you just want to stick to a more traditional mani and want to look polished and professional.

3. Neon Yellow Nails

While these do hinge on the neon highlighter effect, they are perfect for a summer day spent on the beach. Don’t be afraid to pair these with that yellow polka dot bikini, because everyone could use a little sunshine at their fingertips.

4. Onyx Deep Black Nails

A basic black nail can never be overlooked as one of the most elegant manis of all. It’s professional, but also shows personality, and is always polished.

5. Turquoise Nails

Once you adjust to all the rings, the simple turquoise of the nails stands out as effortless and light, reminding you of clear skies and of course, pairing wonderfully with silver jewelry and accessories.

6. Bright Red Bling Nails

Alright, so there are some rhinestones on these nails, but they’re solid. The feature that brings this so close to the heart is the texture on the nails. Normally, you want the smoothest finish you can get, and any texture means you messed up. But, for these, the different reds provide texture through their contrast.

7. Grey Blue Nails

Once again, texture is key. These nails actually have texture in the solid colors, and one can only wonder how they got that texture on the nail, let alone how it stayed.

8. Ombre Glitter Mermaid nails

These sparkling nails actually look like they came out of a treasure chest! With the lights twinkling off of them, they could be mistaken for a jewel.

9. Iridescent Sideways Ombre Mermaid Nails

The ombre effect, where it exists, goes sideways and uses more pastel hues than the last set.

10. Multi-colored Mermaid Nails

These nails fit into the mermaid group by the combination of colors in them. They are a different take on the mermaid nail because instead of covering a range of colors on a single nail, through an ombre, they use different shades on all the nails.

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